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By the time children graduate high school, they should also know how to research, develop, produce, and market industrial products.


It is to these ends that SEED Inc implements its programs.




The idea for Students for Education and Economic Development was born out of a tragedy in 1985 when high school basketball star Ben Wilson was murdered in the streets of Chicago.


The late Rev. James Bevel and his colleagues prayed about a solution to the increasing violence among young people and determined that proper education and economic development opportunities were the missing element in these children’s lives.  These are the roots of the first SEED organization.


With unemployment rates in the Alabama Black Belt parallel to that of African American communities in northern cities (15-21%), the co-directors of Students for Education and Economic Development found a compelling need to resurrect the organization, and thus SEED Inc was born again.


Who We Are


Students for Education and Economic Development (SEED Inc) is a nonprofit, nondenominational ministry, incorporated in 2010 by Scott Muhammad and Erica Henry, who both serve as the co-directors of the organization.  They have run organic agriculture camps for children since 2001 in Illinois and Alabama. 


Scott Muhammad served as the manager of the Greene County Farmers Coop in 2009 where he developed a relationship with the established farmers in the county.  In addition to agricultural pursuits, Muhammad is also producing a documentary on the life of Jean Baptiste Pointe DuSable, the black founder of the city of Chicago.


Erica Henry is a journalist, photographer, teacher, and business administrator.  She is board secretary of the National Voting Rights Museum and Institute in Selma, Alabama.


Maurice Muhammad is Chief Magistrate with the city of Bessemer, Alabama and a minister with the Nation of Islam.


Robert Muhammad has served in leadership capacities in security training and education for several companies. He is now the administrator of the SEED chapter in Chicago.


Barney Muhammad is the founder of The Actual Facts Research and Survival Center in Chicago and a co-founder of SAFE Land Advocacy Network Inc.


Duane Quamina is a minister and social planner in Philadelphia and New Jersey.


Fran Viselli is a retired entrepreneur in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.


Carol Ammons is the State Representative for the 103rd District of Illinois.

Our Vision


The vision of SEED Inc is to advance the scientific education of children at the public policy level so that all children have the right to an education that leaves them economically independent and institutionally sovereign.  While this has always been a fundamental need of our youth, it is even more important in today’s changing economic conditions.


We believe that children from all walks of life have the potential for genius if that innate spark is nurtured through education.


We intend to implement the ABC curriculum—agriculture, biology and chemistry—in elementary schools so that by the time children graduate the sixth grade they know how to research, develop, produce, and market agricultural products.

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